Our Part to Help

SponsoredScholar, Our Emergency Funding Software

At CampusLogic, we live by seven core values, one being, “We are nice and take care of each other.” This doesn’t mean just internally; it's not just about taking care of the person to your left and your right. We care deeply, not just about this company and our colleagues, but about our schools and the communities and students they serve.

CampusLogic's entire team considers ourselves as much a part of the financial aid community as our family members, friends and colleagues who work within colleges and universities across the country. As we’ve reached out to those friends and colleagues and asked how we can be a good partner to the community during these unprecedented times, we’ve heard a consistent theme. Schools are concerned about how students who have limited financial resources are going to be affected by a loss of income due to businesses on or around campus shutting down for an indefinite time period. Will they be able to stay? Will they be able to come back after this situation is contained?

We launched our SponsoredScholar product in 2019 specifically to help higher education institutions make life easier for students who are coping with small funding gaps or cash shortfalls. This software helps students quickly raise emergency funding from their personal and social communities during times of need. This short video quickly explains how it works.


To help schools move swiftly and offer creative, accessible solutions for those students who are now facing unanticipated financial hurdles to stay in school, CampusLogic is making the following offer:

From now until August 31st, SponsoredScholar, our emergency funding software, will be free to higher education institutions, on a first-come, first-served basis.

There's no small print attached to this offer. There is no obligation for institutions to continue using the product or service after August 31. 100% of the annual subscription and implementation fees will be waived for higher education institutions that sign up by April 30, 2020. SponsoredScholar costs nothing for students and was built so no internal IT resources are needed to set up or use the product. Funds that each student raises go directly to the school to either pay open balances or be disbursed to the student.

We are here to help, genuinely, during these trying times.

If you would like to learn more about SponsoredScholar, please fill out your contact information in the form on this page. (We can only respond to email addresses directly from school email domains.) Someone from our team will respond to you promptly to see if this is a good option for your school.