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  • Are you worried about  enrollment trends  and the pending demographic cliff?  
  • Do you feel like you don’t have enough resources to  retain the at-risk students  who need it most?   
  • Do you work for a college or university that is focused on getting more  diverse students  to the graduation stage? 

New research shows a flaw in higher education enrollment, retention and diversity strategies.  

This book was written to correct it. It is for higher education professionals who are looking at the future of their school and wondering how to get a more diverse student population enrolled and graduated. The answer to many of the biggest challenges facing higher ed today lies with unexpected heroes: the financial aid team. They are fighting a two-front war, against their own antiquated systems and against the confusion caused by these systems for students.  

Here’s what we know: financial friction is the #1 barrier to a degree. And by reimagining financial aid, schools can positively impact nearly every institutional goal.  

This book is the roadmap to a methodology called Student Financial Success, and it is the biggest lever your school has in achieving the most pressing goals in your strategic plan. In these pages you’ll learn the principles and tactics of Student Financial Success. You’ll have a playbook to significantly improve your student diversity, enrollment and retention results. You’ll become a champion, a change agent, and the reason your school is armed and ready for the future.  

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