Why partner with CampusLogic?

With exclusive pricing and benefits for CampusLogic software, every MCCA institution can experience a digital transformation. And that means an elevated student experience. By meeting students where they are with modern technology that works for them 24/7/365, MCCA universities will boost enrollment and keep more students in school.

What MCCA is Getting

MCCA’s exclusive pricing discounts apply to CampusLogic’s entire software platform, with products individually designed to drive student financial success:

  • ScholarshipUniverse: Easy-to-find, relevant scholarships and streamlined management
  • CampusCommunicator: Personalized, multimedia student communications
  • StudentForms: Easy-to-complete, guided financial aid forms
  • VirtualAdvisor: Digital financial aid assistant powered by AI that answers student questions 24/7
  • SponsoredScholar: Crowdfunding platform empowering students to pay their bills & stay in school
  • ClearCost: Differentiating, lead-generating net price calculator
  • CampusMetrics: Financial Aid Insights across your student funnel

MCCA + CampusLogic

Delivering an exceptional student experience together.